How to register your company in the European Maintenance Directory

Step 1: Create a personal account

With this data you can log in each time and manage your company page(s). With the given email address we will also keep you informed about changes to the Directory.

Step 2: Create your company page

  • Your contact details
  • Company address en contact information
  • The official company identification number
  • A correct indication of the activities of your company (as indicated in the structure)
  • The region in which your company is active and delivers maintenance services/products
  • The industries / sectors of your customers (if relevant)
  • The type of assets that are concerned (if relevant)


Not mandatory but recommended:

  • a text describing you company activities (max 1.000 characters). You can do this in different languages.
  • legal status and year of establishment
  • a rough indication of the number of employees and turnover
  • You can also upload your logo. The display of the logo can be subject to additional requirements.


Step 3: Choose your industries and regions

Please indicate the industries and sectors in which your customers are active. Please also select the regions in which you are active. If your services apply to all types of industries or all types of assets, you need to indicate each category separately (selecting the head category automatically selects all subcategories).

Please make sure that you indicate the industries and sectors of your customers (and not your own industry). For the serviced regions, please indicate all regions where you perform the mentioned services (and not only the region where your company is located). The same principle applies for serviced assets.


Step 4: Click 'Add company page'

After you have created your page, it is sent for review. In the mean time, you can already add your services & serviced assets.


Step 5: Add your company services & assets

In your account menu, click on 'Add a company service'. Here you can add the services you provide and the assets for which you provide this service.

Attention: Please note you have to add each combination separately. This ensures that your company shows up in the right search results.


Useful information

The strength of this directory is its broad database. These documents give you an overview of all possible services, assets and industries to help you prepare your profile.


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