About the European Maintenance Directory

The European Maintenance Directory is an online index of European companies that provide services and products in the sector of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

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You can easily find suppliers by entering the service or product you need. You can also add the asset for which you need the service, the industry in which you are active, and/or the location where your company is based. Thanks to these specific parameters, you will only get results that apply to you. The suppliers in your search results will be the best match to your request.

For example: are you looking for facility services in your area, then search for 'facility' or 'cleaning' in the type of service you are looking for. The same goes for repair services, consulting, construction companies ...

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The European Maintenance Directory aims to increase the (online) visibility of as many companies in the sector as possible and to stimulate cross-border business. Therefore, you are more than welcome to register your company for free in the Directory. 

Create a free account and enter your company data as specific as possible. This way, potential clients can find you more easily.

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Powered by BEMAS

The European Maintenance Directory is an online search index created and developed by BEMAS vzw-asbl, the Belgian Maintenance Association. We help asset intensive organisations on the road to world class maintenance and management of technical equipment and infrastructure. With this Directory, we want to bring asset owners and service suppliers closer together, so both parties can cooperate more easily.

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Condition Monitoring
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Construction, Installation & Replacement
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Digital Solutions & Smart Maintenance
Supply of Condition Monitoring devices
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