Van Meeuwen Lubrication

Van Meeuwen Lubrication
Bauwensplein 13/7

9300 Aalst
BE - Belgium
+32 5 376 76 00
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Year of establishment: 1934
Company VAT number: BE0419996241
Number of employees: 70
Our company is a subsidiary company of: Van Meeuwen Industries

Professional lubrication maintenance is a specialty. It requires specific know-how, high-performance lubricants, a digital lubrication schedule (or app), user friendly automatic lubrication systems and an extensive range of lubrication services. This results for the customer in a higher reliability of the equipment, less maintenance time, lower component wear and fewer repairs. So overall lower TCO without compromising on uptime to achieve maximum production output… We are available to give you our best lubrication advice from our almost 90 years of experience.