KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center

KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center
Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1K
1930 Zaventem
BE - Belgium
+32 3 821 19 41
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Year of establishment: 1870
Company VAT number: 0439.819.279
Number of employees: 1500
Our company is a subsidiary company of: A division of KPMG Advisory, a Belgian CVBA/SCRL and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity

Asset Management is one of the core aspects of the financial and administrative management of asset intensive corporations. It’s important, because a solid Asset Management approach supports a sound investment, maintenance, financial, operational and administrative decision making process. Asset Management provides insight into what corporate resources are being used (CAPEX) and the utilization and maintenance of these resources (OPEX) so they can contribute to the realization of the company’s strategic goals in a sustainable manner.   The KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center considers Asset Management from a multidimensional and integrated perspective:

  • Totality: We look at the big picture, all aspects of the assets are integrated (physical assets, work force, financial assets, IT,…) instead of a stand-alone approach.
  • Systematic: KPMG developed several Asset Management service lines, which are all based upon a tried and tested methodology. (Consistent, well-documented and auditable)
  • Systemic: We look at the assets within their environment. Analysis and optimization are first executed in the normal environment of the asset and only afterwards they are analyzed as an individual asset.
  • Risk identification: We focus on expenses, carve outs, break/even analysis,… Risks have to be identified en mitigated (internal technical, operational and financial checks).
  • Optimal choice: The implementation of 2 main principles: Total Cost of Ownership and Total Life Cycle of the asset.
  • Sustainability: Forecast long term results from short term activities.
  • Integrated: Assets have to be managed with regard to operational, technical and financial aspects without losing track of the interdependence of different assets.

The KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center uses a highly specialized software applications, which allows it to physically inventory, analyze assets, make or improve asset inventories and build scenarios for various purposes like valuations, cost or investment analysis. The application and its functionalities are based upon our specialist experience and can be used to the advantage of our clients.

Serviced industries and sectors

01. Manufacturing & Process Industry
01.11. Manufacture of beverages
01.20. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
01.21. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
02. Power Industry (Electricity, Gas, Steam and Heat Generation & Distribution)
02.14. Nuclear power generation
02.17. Wind power generation
02.51. Transmission & Distribution of electricity
02.52. Transmission & Distribution of gas
02.53. Transmission & Distribution of thermal heat and steam
03. Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation activities
03.10. Drink water collection & treatment
03.11. Drink water supply
03.30. Sewerage & waste water collection
03.31. Waste water treatment
03.40. Waste collection
03.41. Waste treatment and disposal
04. Exploitation & Management of other Infrastructures
04.10. Rail Infrastructure Management
04.20. Real estate Management
04.30. Road Infrastructure Management
04.40. Sports Infrastructure Management
04.50. Waterway Management
05. Logistics & Transportation
05.10. Air transport
05.20. Pipeline Transport
05.40. Rail Transport
05.50. Road Transport
05.60. Warehousing and storage
05.70. Water transport
06. Other Industries & Activities
06.12. Construction industry
06.13. Defense industry
06.14. Education industry
06.16. Financial services & Insurance industry
06.19. Health Care Industry
06.23. Retail & Leisure industry
06.25. Telecommunications industry
06.91. Other Business oriented activities

Serviced regions

02. Belgium
02.01 Antwerp
02.02 Brussels-Capital Region
02.03 Hainaut
02.04 Limburg
02.05 Liège
02.06 Luxembourg
02.07 Namur
02.08 East Flanders
02.09 Flemish Brabant
02.10 Walloon Brabant
02.11 West Flanders
07. Denmark
10. France
10.01 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
10.02 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
10.03 Brittany
10.04 Centre-Val de Loire
10.05 Corsica
10.06 Grand Est
10.07 Hauts-de-France
10.08 Île-de-France
10.09 Normandy
10.10 Nouvelle Aquitaine
10.11 Occitanie
10.12 Pays de la Loire
10.13 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
11. Germany
11.01 Baden-Württemberg
11.02 Bavaria
11.03 Berlin
11.04 Brandenburg
11.05 Bremen
11.06 Hamburg
11.07 Hesse
11.08 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
11.09 Lower Saxony
11.10 North Rhine-Westphalia
11.11 Rhineland-Palatinate
11.12 Saarland
11.13 Saxony
11.14 Saxony-Anhalt
11.15 Schleswig-Holstein
11.16 Thüringen
13. Hungary
14. Ireland
15. Italy
18. Luxembourg
20. Netherlands
20.01 Drenthe
20.02 Flevoland
20.03 Friesland
20.04 Gelderland
20.05 Groningen
20.06 Limburg
20.07 North Brabant
20.08 North Holland
20.09 Overijssel
20.10 Utrecht
20.11 Zealand
22.12 South Holland
24. Slovakia
26. Spain
28. United Kingdom
28.01 England - East Midlands
28.02 England - East of England
28.03 England - Greater London
28.04 England - North East
28.05 England - North West
28.06 England - South East
28.07 England - South West
28.08 England - West Midlands
28.09 England - Yorkshire and the Humber
28.10 Northern Ireland
28.20 Scotland
28.30 Wales