International Maintenance Association

International Maintenance Association
Via delle scuole 13, 6900 Paradiso Lugano, Switzerland
6900 Lugano
CH - Switzerland
+41 91 225 87 13
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Year of establishment: 2016

Number of employees: 10

International Maintenance Association (IMA) is a world-wide organization with members in the Americas, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and the Far East, and Europe, which focuses on the enhancement of physical assets maintenance management with members including Researchers, Engineers, Managers, Experts and Specialists, Curriculum Developers, Trainers, and Students in different field.

Serviced industries and sectors

02. Power Industry (Electricity, Gas, Steam and Heat Generation & Distribution)
02.11. Diesel power generation
02.12. Gas turbine power generation
02.13. Hydroelectric power generation
02.14. Nuclear power generation
02.15. Solar power generation
02.16. Thermal power generation
02.17. Wind power generation
02.51. Transmission & Distribution of electricity
02.52. Transmission & Distribution of gas
02.53. Transmission & Distribution of thermal heat and steam
02.71. Thermal heat generation & recovery
02.72. Geothermal heat recovery
04. Exploitation & Management of other Infrastructures
04.10. Rail Infrastructure Management
04.20. Real estate Management
04.30. Road Infrastructure Management
04.40. Sports Infrastructure Management
04.50. Waterway Management