De Pecker Gent nv

De Pecker Gent nv
Eddastraat 43
9042 Desteldonk
BE - Belgium
+32 9 251 18 51
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Year of establishment: 1926
Company VAT number: 0477992640
Number of employees: 50


De Pecker has an experienced and motivated team of mechanics to carry out industrial maintenance. We focus on all of the mechanical parts incorporated in industrial machinery and installations. Several maintenance formulas are possible. These formulas are ranging from repairs on demand or with a fixed frequency up to and including fulltime secondment. In the event of urgent technical problems, you can rely upon our fast 24/7 intervention service.


Thanks to our highly developed engineering department, De Pecker is your ideal partner for the design and the construction of industrial machinery and installations. We guarantee total service, from the initial concept up to and including the commissioning on-site. In addition to fully custom-made solutions, we established a large portfolio in the past years of specialised machinery and installations we manufactured according to customer-specific modifications.



Do your industrial installations or machinery experience an unexpected mechanical problem? Is a certain machine blocked or did a part break down? Rely upon our 24/7 intervention service. We immediately send a service team to your location to provide a quick solution. This is how we limit possible production stops to the absolute minimum. We help out everyone with an emergency, existing client or not.

Performed Services and Activities

01.0. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services (in general)

Serviced assets

02. Manufacturing Equipment
02.1.0. Electromechanical Machinery & Equipment
02.2.0. Pneumatic Installations, Machinery & Equipment
02.3.0. Hydraulic Installations, Machinery & Equipment
02.4.0. Robots & Robotic Components
02.5.0. Machining Centers
02.6.1. Electrical Ovens
02.6.2. Furnaces
02.6.3. Thermal Oil Ovens
02.7.1. Conveyors
02.7.2. Miniload Cranes & Automated Storage Systems
02.7.3. Traveling Cranes & Hoists
02.8.1. Packaging & labeling Equipment
02.8.5. Printing Equipment
02.9.9. Other Manufacturing Equipment 01. Rotating & Reciprocating Equipment
01.1.0. Electrical Motors
01.1.5. Electrical Generators & Alternators
01.2.0. Dynamic & Centrifugal pumps
01.3.0. Positive displacement pumps
01.4.1. Gas Turbines
01.4.5. Steam Turbines
01.5.1. Gas Compressors
01.5.5. Air Compressors
01.5.6. Blowers
01.6.1. Gearboxes
01.6.5. Industrial Fans
01.6.6. Air Cooled Condensers
01.6.7. Water Cooled Condensors and Wet Cooling Towers
01.7.1. Agitators
01.8.0. Diesel Engines
01.9.9. Other Rotating & Reciprocating Equipment 03. Static Process Equipment & Appendages
03.1.1. Boilers & Steam Generators
03.1.2. Shell and tube Heat Exchangers
03.1.3. Plate Heat Exchangers
03.2.1. Piping
03.2.2. Process and Control Valves
03.2.3. Safety Valves
03.3.1. Crackers and Fractionating Columns
03.3.2. Pressure Vessels
03.3.3. Reactors
03.6.1. Flares
03.7.1. Silos
03.7.2. Storage Tanks
03.9.9. Other Static Process Equipment 05. Building and facility related assets
05.1.1. Gas Heating Systems
05.1.2. Oil Heating Systems
05.2.5. Chillers and Water Cooled Condensers
05.3.1. Elevators
05.4.5. Automated Gates & Access systems
05.5.9. Emergency Power Generators
05.6.0. Automated Warehouse Systems 06. Infrastructure & Grids
06.1.0. Power Distribution related assets
06.2.0. Gas Distribution related assets
06.3.0. Heat & Steam Distribution related assets
06.4.0. Port & Waterway related assets
06.5.0. Railway related assets
06.6.0. Road, Bridge & Tunnel related assets
06.7.0. Sewerage system related assets
06.7.5. Waste Water treatment related assets
06.8.0. Water distribution related assets
06.8.5. Water treatment related assets
06.9.9. Other Infrastructure & Grid related assets 07. Power generating systems
07.1.0. Combined Heat and Power units (CHPs)
07.2.0. Energy Storage Systems
07.3.0. Offshore Wind Turbines
07.4.0. Onshore Wind Turbines
07.5.0. Solar Power Installations
07.6.0. Water Turbines
07.9.9. Other power generating systems 08. Fleets
08.1.1. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
08.1.2. Cranes
08.1.3. Elevating Work Platforms (Cherry Picker, Scissor Lift, Mast Climber,...)
08.1.5. Forklifts
08.1.6. Container Handling Equipment
08.2.1. Mobile air compressors
08.2.2. Mobile cooling Units
08.2.3. Mobile power generators
08.2.9. Small Tools & equipment
08.4.1. Trucks and Lorries
08.4.2. Vans & Light Commercial Vehicles
08.4.5. Trailers
08.4.7. Containers
08.5.1. Construction Equipment
08.5.3. Excavators, Off-Highway Trucks & Lorries
08.5.5. Agricultural vehicles
08.6.0. Rolling stock (train, tram, locomotive)
08.7.0. Ships & Vessels
08.8.0. Airplanes
08.9.9. Other types of fleet assets

Serviced industries and sectors

00. Service independent from type of industry
01. Manufacturing & Process Industry
01.25. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

Serviced regions

02. Belgium
02.01 Antwerp
02.08 East Flanders
02.11 West Flanders