CARL Berger-Levrault Benelux

CARL Berger-Levrault Benelux
Drève Richelle 161/15
1410 Waterloo
BE - Belgium
+32 2 529 58 75
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Year of establishment: 2013
Company VAT number: BE0521 919 287
Number of employees: 140
Our company is a subsidiary company of: Groupe Berger-Levrault

CARL Berger-Levrault* expert in technical asset management, equipment, and maintenance (CMMS / EAM) for over 35 years, offers CARL Source that meets the needs of all sectors.

CARL Source Factory for manufacturing and process-based industries.

CARL Source Facility for facility and equipment management.

CARL Source City for the management of equipment, facilities, networks, etc. and for local authorities.

CARL Source Transport for the management of rolling stock, infrastructure, and linear assets for the transport sector.

CARL Source Healthcare for the management of buildings, technical and biomedical equipment for hospitals.

CARL Source proposes 3 mobile solutions: • CARL Touch assists technicians during maintenance work (notification of work requests, geolocation of equipment, maintenance history and technical specifications of the equipment to be maintained, voice or touch screen reporting, etc.) and allows use without a network connection. It also provides functions for stock management, equipment description and inventories. • CARL Flash is a mobile application, launched in 2017 and designed for users (occupants, visitors, general public, etc.) of equipment, buildings, public spaces, and so on, that enables them to use mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows) to submit requests and discuss these with the technical departments responsible for maintenance. • CARL Xpress, a new application for technicians and service providers: intuitive and simple, CARL Xpress makes it possible to draft express reports in just a few clicks. Its streamlined UX uses functionalities facilitating the exchange (chat) and acquisition of information (voice dictation, multimedia, NFC, QRCode). The application is intended for all agents, both inside and outside the company (production teams, oversight agencies, service after sales technicians), required to perform maintenance actions or basic diagnostics. INNOVATIONS:CARL Maps BIM: The IFC BIM connector provides the integration of information coming from 3D digital models of buildings and infrastructures in CARL Source. It enables the seamless transition from construction BIM to operation and maintenance BIM. The data model (rooms, equipment, grids) are retrieved iteratively starting with the design phase and are integrated into CARL Source. The time savings are undeniable and the transition to the maintenance cycle is immediate for construction or renovation work. • A new IoT Platform: CARL Berger-Levrault is launching its own IoT platform dedicated to maintenance. With its ability to process every component in the IoT system, from sensor to data valuation in the CMMS, the platform allows technical departments to have the provisional data needed for optimal triggering of maintenance. * The brand name CARL Software evolves. CARL Software, expert in technical asset and maintenance management solutions, joined the Berger-Levrault Group mid-2018 and took on the new name, CARL Berger-Levrault. The Berger-Levrault Group, an international software publisher, helps public and private professionals to meet the increasing performance and digital transformation demands of their business.

Performed Services and Activities

08.3.2. Digital Twin Solutions
08.3.1. BIM - Building Information Modeling software & applications
08.1.5. Fleet Management software & applications
01.0. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services (in general)
08.4.3. IoT Sensors & devices

08.2.1. Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Deep learning software & applications
08.6.1. Mobile devices for service & maintenance
08.4.1. IoT Platform Solutions & Services
08.3.1. BIM - Building Information Modeling software & applications
08.1.4. Facility & Building Management software & applications
08.1.3. Asset Management software & applications
08.1.2. CMMS & EAM software & applications
08.0. Digital Solutions & Tools for Smart Maintenance (in general)
02.0. Condition monitoring and Asset Condition Assessment (in general)
01.0. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services (in general)

Serviced assets

00. Service independent from type of asset

Serviced industries and sectors

01. Manufacturing & Process Industry
01.10. Manufacture of food products
01.11. Manufacture of beverages
01.12. Manufacture of tobacco products
01.20. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
01.21. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
01.28. Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
01.32. Other manufacturing
03. Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation activities
03.31. Waste water treatment
03.40. Waste collection
03.41. Waste treatment and disposal
04. Exploitation & Management of other Infrastructures
04.10. Rail Infrastructure Management
04.20. Real estate Management
05. Logistics & Transportation
05.40. Rail Transport
06. Other Industries & Activities
06.19. Health Care Industry
06.24. Software & Information industry

Serviced regions

02. Belgium
02.01 Antwerp
02.02 Brussels-Capital Region
02.03 Hainaut
02.04 Limburg
02.05 Liège
02.06 Luxembourg
02.07 Namur
02.08 East Flanders
02.09 Flemish Brabant
02.10 Walloon Brabant
02.11 West Flanders
18. Luxembourg
20. Netherlands
20.01 Drenthe
20.02 Flevoland
20.03 Friesland
20.04 Gelderland
20.05 Groningen
20.06 Limburg
20.07 North Brabant
20.08 North Holland
20.09 Overijssel
20.10 Utrecht
20.11 Zealand
22.12 South Holland