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Year of establishment: 1988

Number of employees: 300


The world is in a whirl and it revolves around all your objects and equipment at the speed of light. If you are responsible for maintenance, facility or IT you will want your assets to keep you informed at all times to see if they can keep up with it all. And if you are responsible for more than maintenance, facility or IT, you want that as well. It may well be that your assets require your general or financial attention. Ultimo will be sure to pass on the crucial signals about your assets. Centralised on one software platform. A platform on which it is easy to manage all your assets and their processes. Our talent for automation and our knowledge of management used for your benefit.

We are convinced that process management is aimed at people. Ultimo will help you to take actual decisions, managing your service processes in the best way possible, based on information submitted to you. To guarantee the safety of your assets and bring them up to standard. To keep your assets in top condition, or to compare them to your other assets. For the best control of your service processes. This requires nifty software which we provide. We want to use a magnifying glass to look at your work method. Considering not just the technical status but also security and finances. Our expertise is the workable translation of your organisational processes. To give you a grip on all the signs you see. For only then can you give the right response.

We have been focussed on processes ever since we started in the eighties. Processes that help companies and organisation operate to the best of their abilities. This is why we feel confident to call ourselves process specialists. It may sound strange but our software is just a means. though one with a heightened attention for user-friendliness. Based on our modular scalable design, easy to link to other systems. We heed all process know-how we gained over the past decades and put it back into our software. Every day.

All your assets tell their stories. Are you listening?

Do you want to know how to live-link your assets and objects? E-mail sales@ultimo.com

Performed Services and Activities

08.1.2. CMMS & EAM software & applications

Serviced assets

00. Service independent from type of asset

Serviced industries and sectors

00. Service independent from type of industry

Serviced regions

01. Austria
02. Belgium
02.01 Antwerp
02.02 Brussels-Capital Region
02.03 Hainaut
02.04 Limburg
02.05 Liège
02.06 Luxembourg
02.07 Namur
02.08 East Flanders
02.09 Flemish Brabant
02.10 Walloon Brabant
02.11 West Flanders
10. France
10.06 Grand Est
10.07 Hauts-de-France
11. Germany
11.01 Baden-Württemberg
11.02 Bavaria
11.03 Berlin
11.04 Brandenburg
11.05 Bremen
11.06 Hamburg
11.07 Hesse
11.08 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
11.09 Lower Saxony
11.10 North Rhine-Westphalia
11.11 Rhineland-Palatinate
11.12 Saarland
11.13 Saxony
11.14 Saxony-Anhalt
11.15 Schleswig-Holstein
11.16 Thüringen
18. Luxembourg
20. Netherlands
20.01 Drenthe
20.02 Flevoland
20.03 Friesland
20.04 Gelderland
20.05 Groningen
20.06 Limburg
20.07 North Brabant
20.08 North Holland
20.09 Overijssel
20.10 Utrecht
20.11 Zealand
22.12 South Holland
28. United Kingdom