Flexitallic UK Ltd

Flexitallic UK Ltd
Scandinavia Mills,, Hunsworth Lane
BD19 4LN Cleckheaton
GB - United Kingdom

+44 1274 851 273
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Year of establishment: 1912

Number of employees: 220
Our company is a subsidiary company of: Flexitallic UK Ltd

Flexitallic is global leader in the design and manufacture of static sealing products.  Flexitallic products are utilised to seal bolted connections in a wide range of applications, with materials capable of performing in all known environments.

Serviced industries and sectors

01. Manufacturing & Process Industry
01.10. Manufacture of food products
01.11. Manufacture of beverages
01.19. Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
01.20. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
02. Power Industry (Electricity, Gas, Steam and Heat Generation & Distribution)
02.11. Diesel power generation
02.12. Gas turbine power generation
02.13. Hydroelectric power generation
02.14. Nuclear power generation
02.52. Transmission & Distribution of gas
02.53. Transmission & Distribution of thermal heat and steam
05. Logistics & Transportation
05.20. Pipeline Transport
06. Other Industries & Activities
06.21. Offshore Oil & Gas industry
06.22. Onshore Oil & Gas industry